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Wealth Within Institute Reviews & Testimonials

Disclaimer: The following testimonials are submitted by previous clients and are no guarantees of specific results. Results can vary and you should consider all information.

And I thought I was lucky having the wife I have. You Dale are super man in the flesh with Lea at your side 24/7, Janine 12/7 with Shane and Kay. The people that surround you are the epic dream journey in life we all need. Unbelievable you lucky man!

Marvin M, Witta, QLD

I would recommend anyone who is wanting to trade the market to first undertake the Wealth Within course. It will provide you with the necessary skills to confidently trade the market over any timeframe.

Craig C, Hobart, TAS

Wealth Within are fantastic. If you want to educate yourself in share trading, give it a go. You will not regret it.

Christopher P, Adelaide, SA

Wealth Within have an exceptional skill level of conveying concepts, skills and psychology in trading the markets.

Theo P, Melbourne, VIC

Wealth Within is a dedicated, passionate and professional team prepared to support you in achieving your goals and will push you forward as much as you’re prepared to go.

Jorge M, ACT

If you want to become a successful trader, Wealth Within will get you there.

Stephen P, Melbourne, VIC

Wealth Within truly wants you to succeed in trading by providing you with the right steps in setting you up to trade. At no point was there any selling tactics or pressure used to join Wealth Within. From the first time I called, to finally making the choice to start, it was all on my terms and now that I’ve joined, the support so far has been outstanding. Thanks guys.

Daniel B, Sydney, NSW

All of the Wealth Within Team are extremely passionate about helping you achieve success. I have learnt so much from them which is life changing.

Sharon T, Perth, WA

Firstly I want to congratulate yourself and Janine and the rest of the crew for the fantastic educational services and support that you provide. Your company is so well named because it is an internal journey that is required to become a successful professional trader and you have been providing excellent education and advice for years in various forms which maximise the options and availability for clients and those interested. I love the way you continue to explore the underlying drivers for peoples behaviours and the recent YouTube podcasts are a great example of this. These videos are excellent!!

Will H, Traralgon, VIC

I am highly delighted with the practical and common sense knowledge which I have learnt over the last 2 years. This short journey has been both challenging and enjoyable. The real journey is to put the knowledge into use as soon as possible. A very big thank you to Wealth Within.

Chris D, Brisbane, QLD

Having just completed the Advanced Diploma of Share Trading and Investment, I will be forever grateful to Dale and the team at Wealth Within for their dedication and commitment in providing such a course that has transformed my life forever. I am now a much better trader than I was before. Thank you.

Jane K, Sydney, NSW

Wealth Within always provide a great educational experience. The Art of Trading workshop was no exception. The process of equipping me to be the best trader I can be continues.

Barry W, Mount Annan, NSW

Wealth Within have taken the fear away and given me the knowledge of understanding the market and how to trade.

Barry D, Berwick, VIC

Thank you to everyone at Wealth Within. I completed the Diploma for Share Trading which I found challenging at times but very rewarding. The team were very professional and helpful. They provided all the support needed with webinars, support groups and individual mentoring to learn at your own pace. The technique of answering a question with a question was thought provoking and proved very effective in helping to discover my mistakes. This course has given me all the tools I need for profitable trading. Thank you Team

Anne V, Hawthorne, QLD

Over the years I've done trading "courses" that promise dream lifestyles and all of that hype but all I learned from those was that to be successful in trading or investing in the market I needed to be educated properly, and also that it definitely takes more than a few days. It was an expensive and painful lesson. I'd given up until my wife convinced me to look at the Wealth Within diploma course. I was reluctant but am I glad I did! Now that I've almost finished the diploma with Wealth Within, I can absolutely confidently say that I could not have received a better education on trading and investing. So far I'm enjoying a 100% success rate with my trading and am achieving better returns than any investment I've made previously. The course is very well constructed and gives students an understanding that can't be gained elsewhere....I know this from experience after 3 previous "courses". The course is designed in such a way that anyone from any walk of life or level of prior education can do it. The support is fantastic and the team are constantly there for students. If trading and investing in the markets is something of interest, avoid the short courses that promise everything and deliver nothing and get educated with Wealth Within

Keith M, Emu Plains, NSW

Wealth Within and the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment has changed my trading life forever. After many years of reading text books and going to short courses, I came to the realisation that the only way I was going to achieve my goals in the stock market was to do a formal course, which trained me in the skills of analysing charts, identifying trends and most importantly managing the psychology of trading. So, a search on the internet brought up many options, mostly short weekend courses, which were very expensive and did not offer any ongoing support. I then came across Wealth Within. Now here was a company offering a properly structured course that was reasonably priced with guaranteed support. Wealth Within offered me a thorough course, which started with the fundamentals of trading and went right through to the finer details of entry signals, stop losses and exit signals in any market over any timeframe. I found the course to be well structured, easy to understand and most importantly offered unlimited support with any issues, or confusions during the training. My trading started many years ago, when I was sold a black box system, which was an absolute disaster and cost me money. I then did some short courses and their strategies worked well during the bull market, but then along came the GFC and not only took my profits, but stripped me of much of my capital. Having completed the Diploma, I now have the skills and confidence to enter trades, manage the trades and the assurance that no matter what the market throws at me, I have the knowledge to protect my capital and to make profits. For anyone who wants a concise course in share trading with great support, I would have no hesitation in recommending Wealth Within and their team of experts.

Peter S, Benella, Victoria

Some years ago I decided to take control of my own money and invest it in the stock market. It looked pretty easy–just buy stocks and sit and wait and I would make bucket loads of money. In fact with interest rates going down I could borrow money, invest in the market and make even more… I started listening to lots of other people, getting some good tips, watching all of the experts on TV who gave me lots of hot tips about companies about to go ballistic…and I listened…bad mistake. I listened to CEOs of companies making new mining discoveries and medical break throughs and these were going to be great investments…another bad mistake. So I ended up with a portfolio of about 20 companies with very mixed results–certainly not getting rich quickly. In fact, I was not making a lot at all. And in August 2011 there was a large drop in the market. Knowing no better I liquidated all of my positions on the day that the market plummeted at a substantial loss just to see the market recover in a couple of days! There had to be a better way. So I dabbled a bit more, read a few books, did a bit of training and invested in some more poorly chosen stocks which had lots of promise but just to lose again. After realising that this approach to investing was simply gambling and complete insanity, I decided I had better learn to know what I was doing as I couldn’t afford this hit and miss nonsense any longer. Fortunately, I hadn’t touched my SMSF funds for these poorly chosen “investments”. So I read Dale’s book about Beating Managed Funds by 20% and thought that maybe this made more sense. That led to me enrolling in Wealth Within’ Diploma course which gave me a much better perspective of investing and now the Advanced Course which I have just started. My investments are now rational–I haven’t gotten rich overnight but now I am confident and disciplined in my trading. Sure I have made a couple of losses as well as a couple of gains but my money management rules have kept me safe–I accept that the market doesn’t always go in the direction that I want but my knowledge helps me to manage risk and take far better investment decisions.

Warren W, Queanbeyan, NSW

The Diploma of Share Trading and Investment more than exceeded my expectations. I was extremely impressed that it focused on protecting profits and safety in the share market rather than the ‘get rich quick’ promise that other organisations go by. I now have the skills I need to understand and trade the share market while making consistent profits. As a Certified Practising Accountant I also used the diploma to gain professional development hours. I loved the fact that the content was set out in a simple, easy to understand format, ensuring anybody was capable of doing the diploma and passing. The support crew at Wealth Within were amazing and I never once felt alone. They were always there to answer questions and give guidance when I did start trading with real money.I highly recommend the diploma to anyone who wants to start investing in the share market. In fact I wouldn't touch the share market without it!

Jasmine K, Port Pirie, South Australia

To all at Wealth Within and particularly Jennie and Kay I thank you for the support I have had during my journey through the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment. At 62 and having not studied since I was 17 I was apprehensive about the course in the beginning but with the support of Jennie and Kay , the forums and the trading essentials and particularly the approach of not being spoon fed I have worked my way through. My trading has improved immensely and I will return mid 2016 to further study.

Colin S, Sale, VIC

I have concluded the Diploma course and am elated that I have finally completed it. I opted to do the Diploma after having traded for several years with no prior education. I initially made money but then lost it all and probably more. This course has given me the confidence I need to get back into the market. I know I still have a lot to learn and a long way to go, but now I have the basic knowledge and hopefully I will have the discipline to 'stick to the rules'. I want to thank each and everyone at Wealth Within for making this course such a great experience for me. I also commend you on your professionalism and patience. I really enjoyed doing the course which is well designed and excellently presented. Thank you for your assistance during this time. I look forward to doing the Advanced Diploma in the near future and hopefully I will be able to meet you at one of the workshops.

Veronique M, Redland Bay, QLD

Firstly I would like to start off by saying a big thank you to Dale for the 'Diploma of Share Trading and Investment', when I first started this diploma this was exactly the kind of education I was looking for and much more. I started the course because I had lost a lot of money in the share market trading during the recession and then followed by trading CFD's unfortunately I was that 90% of people that start trading and buying stocks without really investing in themselves first, however I have always been fascinated by the markets and the opportunities. I remember seeing the course and inquiring about it a few year ago but never took it up as I was worried about the costs, its quite funny because I ended up losing 10x more than it would have cost for the course and now knowing what I have learnt from the course I could have saved myself thousands. I remember starting out thinking I knew a bit about shares and the markets and boy did I know nothing, the course is very easy to follow from navigating the website to skill activities to webinars e.c.t. the money management skills are also fantastic and I understand that each person can now make their own trading plan according to their desired goals and objectives. I was definitely one that didn't send in a lot of email question but when I did they were responded in a timely and effective manner, unfortunately I can’t personally thank Theo as he was my main support person however I am sure that he was thanked for his efforts before he had left. I would love to thank everyone else that helped, special mention to Kay for her support after Theo and the great work in the webinars with Jenny and Blake and Dale. Once again Thank you, and I look forward to continue to educate myself in the near future.

Aron M, Melbourne

Hey Michael how are you? Just Ky here updating you on how I am going at the moment. I'm doing the Diploma and every day I do it I love it. The things I have been learning about throughout Module 1 such as the fundamentals of stocks (EPS, PE, Dividend Yield) and the the minor parts of technical analysis we have touched on such as top down analysis and discovering all the ways to use leveraging. I just know the day I started the course that this was the best option for me, I still remember the day you gave me the call and encouraged me to just go for it and I am so thankful for that, if it wasn't for you Michael I really doubt I would be here by now. I needed someone to help me get started and that person was you. I've set goals and I've passed them, I've set more goals and more goals that I'm working towards, I've made mistakes but I've learnt from them and now I really am just doing the best I possibly can. I'm probably doing more than I should be of this course during a week but I just cant stop, I love what I'm learning and I have a real passion for it. Thank you Michael for this great beginning to my trading career.

Ky K, Elanora, QLD

I would just like to say thank you to the Wealth Within staff. There were points during the course where I got stuck but my coach and other members of the WW team were with me the whole way and helped me gain the right skills I know will enable me to achieve my goals in the share market. I can honestly say I feel Wealth Within is one of the best things I have come across.

Carl W, Melbourne

Dear Dale, Just thought I would write and say thanks to you and all the team at Wealthwithin. I have just completed my Diploma and wanted to tell you just how much I have enjoyed the course. Honestly its been a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience studying with you and I will be having a break before continuing on to do the Advanced Diploma. My first goal is to work out what type of trading is going to suit me and to try to work out how to effectively apply all the knowledge I have gained through the course. On this point could I just say that as a student just finishing the course I would be prepared to pay to do a day or weekend course on how to kick off your trading, especially in the area of stock selection or sectors that look like they will perform well etc . Just a thought. Thanks again to you and all the Team. Ross

Ross. G, Lavington, NSW

Dear Dale, It never ceases to amaze me the degree of care you and your team at the Wealth Within Institute take with your students. Since I began my studies with Wealth Within the most outstanding fixture has been the support all the way through. Last May when I attended the Art of Trading Workshop the picture I will remember for the rest of my days was when I was late arriving for the morning session and looked into the room with everyone sitting and paying full attention to the presenter (your dear wife, Lea). Yourself and Blake like sentries were standing at attention with your hands closed behind your backs making sure that no one would disturb the gathering of your charges. When you heard me knock gently you both swung around and gave me your full attention and politely suggested that I could unobtrusively join in with the group. I felt so privileged and cared for and wondered how one could capture such a moment for others to see and feel as you trade mark? In any case I thank you so much for the knowledge you have given me. Thank you. Gizella

Gizella. S, Kingston, TAS

I would like to share my personal experiences regarding Wealth Within and the Art of Trading Workshop. I completed the Diploma of Share trading and Investment in August 2012 and have attended the last three Art of Trading Workshops. Although I have felt more confident about share trading after completing the course I knew that I needed further support to achieve my goals. This is where the AOT workshop is assisting me on my share trading journey. As I had now learnt the skills to trade I also realised that I needed to work on my psychology as I knew this was impacting my personal life and would flow onto my share trading. The AOT workshop has given me tools to assist with problems that arise during trading and to develop rules that suit me personally. I have become a more confident person and this is showing in my trading. Since attending the workshops my win/loss ratio is now 80-20% and one of the most profitable things that I learnt is patience and to adhere to my rules which has contributed to my success. At the Workshop you meet likeminded people on the same journey as yourself and you are able to learn from their experiences and form deep friendships. The weekend is a must for students who are completing or who have completed the course as everyone can benefit from all of the sessions provided by the WW team. Coming away from the workshop at the end of the weekend I always feel motivated and ready to achieve anything in my personal and trading journey. The team at WW are always eager to assist you in any way possible and I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for their constant support and encouragement.

Terrie. F, Raworth, NSW

12 months ago I set myself a goal to become a full time trader and went looking for the extra skills I needed to become proficient as a private trader. I found the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment from Wealth Within gave me everything I needed to be a private trader. I have the confidence that I now have as much knowledge as any other professional and the end results of what I achieve are up to me and not what I don’t know. The Diploma is very structured and assistance is very professional and there when you need it, all the resources you need to complete your studies are made available to you so you don’t have to try to find answers elsewhere. Whether you tackle the Diploma at a fast pace or a slow pace the level and standard of the service provided I found to be incredible and well above what I expected, I found my coaches goal was to have me learn and understand the material and not just tick a box to say I had completed my studies and gotten my diploma.

Geoff. J, East Perth, WA

I completed the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment and have also recently completed The Advanced Diploma. Both have exceeded my expectations. The courses are well structured, challenging and will really prepare you to trade in real time with greater confidence and success. I also enjoyed the fact that it shows you that to be successful in trading you need to put in the hard yards just as with anything that is worth achieving. After finishing both courses, I also attended the Art Of Trading Workshop which really sparked ideas for my trading system and was a great opportunity to meet the Wealth Within team and other traders.”

John. T, Strathfield, NSW

Hi Dale, Thanks again for a great weekend at your "Art of Trading Workshop". I just want to share the following story with you. I had been studying investing & trading shares for a few years and felt ready to take my trading to the next level and learn to trade Contracts for Difference (CFDs).Understanding the importance of educating myself I then sought out to find the right educator. That educator was Wealth Within. Your CFD course was second to none on the market as I was unable to find anything remotely credible. About the same time I began my study my next door neigbour had decided to give up his job and become a Fulltime Trader day trading CFD's. I tried to convince him that educating himself would be beneficial but this was to fall on deaf ears. He had mates making a killing in the market and told me that trading CFD's was easy. While I was immersed in my study my neighbour was full steam ahead day trading. I remember him telling me he had just made $15000 on a small cap miner for the day ."Trading is easy" he told me." You are wasting your time studying" he said," just jump in and go for it!" Fast forward 4 months while I am still studying my neighbours blown his $50,000 capital and he's telling me "What your learning will never work because CFD's are rigged!" And by the way remember the mates making a killing? They turned out to be faceless individuals in some trading forum chat room that he had never actually met. Anyway, I competed the CFD Course and I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for a product that has taught me time tested techniques and strategies, has allowed me to successfully trade CFD"s and given me a cash flow system I can use in any market condition. I would highly recommend the Wealth Within’s Contracts For Difference Course and believe me it certainly pays to get educated. Just ask my neighbour!

Alan, R, Brisbane, QLD

Some time back I completed the Wealth Within Diploma of Share Trading and Investment and also the Course in Contracts for Difference. Both these courses, along with the professional, helpful support received from Educational Support have given me the knowledge, skills and confidence to trade both the ASX stock market and ASX CFD market successfully in all market conditions. I have also used the skills I learnt in both these courses to win second prize in NSW in the ASX Sharemarket Game.

Glenn, M., Karabar, NSW

Having just recently completed the Wealth Within Diploma of Share Trading course I want to acknowledge my thanks & appreciation for the high quality nature of the course and the tremendously supportive work & professionalism of your Educational Support team. The actual course structure, material and content was first class. Each module of the course was comprehensively presented and built successfully on previous modules. Each module was also was also well structured and explained in a very clear, concise and simple manner which made learning easier and enjoyable. For me the workbook exercises were an excellent source for reinforcing the content learned and were integral to my success in passing the Diploma Course. The Webinar concept was simply fantastic and hearing the course content being explained in an audio manner was ideal in reinforcing and clarifying the learning of each module. What was great about these was they provided the added bonus of you and your team sharing little tit bits about trading which I found so helpful and informative and these have now formed part of my knowledge base. Your approach in the course to "keep it simple" and not over complicate trading is a key success factor for the course. As to your Educational Support Team they were exemplary. My personal coach was Filip Tortevski who provided me with the highest quality of support always responding to my questions within 24 hours and his quality feedback making a positive contribution to my learning. If Filip was away then somebody else from the team would step in and provide a timely response. I cannot speak more highly of their dedication to supporting students & professionalism. The course has provided me with a wealth of knowledge on trading and has given me the tools and techniques to approach share trading in an environment of greater understanding and control over risk management. This has significantly enhanced my overall level of confidence to move forward with my share trading plans knowing with a disciplined approach in adopting what I have learnt my chances of success will be higher. I would highly recommend this course to anybody who is serious about being successful in share trading. Overall a very high quality course wonderfully administered, managed and supported with the highest level of dedication and professionalism throughout the Wealthwithin Team. Thanks Dale and Lea you for an "awesome" learning experience and I am certainly looking forward to completing the Advance Share Trading Course.

Paul, H, Singapore

Many years’ ago the stock market was for people with lots’ of money or someone who was a “Merchant Banker or in the banking industry.” I am a “Vietnam Veteran”, so there I have given away my age group. When I came across the “Wealth Within Institute” I was already parched for knowledge in this area or arena of the stock market and technical analysis alike. In (9) nine years’, yes you read that right, I had put together a library of books’ and had taken lessons’ actually from an active trader but there was still somehow or another that clarity lacking , direction if you like, confidence, that created uncertainty within me. Over my lifetime I have attended and completed many levels’ of education and here I am starting again but it’s still only early days’ for me with this diploma, however, the help and support is extraordinary to say the least and it comes’ through my mouse and the parameters’ of my desktop from the team at the “Wealth Within Institute”, in other words’, online support. They want you to learn and having said that, there is more than ample opportunity granted to you, from these professionals’ alike, to seek help with your studies’ and their turn around information and answering, are almost instantaneous. I cannot stress the support given by these guys’ enough, in this testimonial, it goes’ beyond the pale. I know they are behind me and for those that are perhaps’ contemplating a career in investment, or just as I am doing, learning to invest and trade the stock market from home, honestly, don’t look any further, because you are here, here and now, at this very website, the ”Wealth Within Institute.” At my age, the retentive powers’ are not what they used to be but the team at “Wealth Within” just seem to recognise and care about this matter and I know, with my own input throughout the diploma, I am going to have huge support from all the professionals’ at this” Institute” and I just wish to say thank you, thank you so much for giving me the confidence moving forward. Sincere Thanks and Regards

Barry, L, West Haven, NSW

I wanted to let you know that I thought the course was well structured and provided strategic learning. It was professionally delivered by skilled educators through a multifaceted online program. I was very impressed with the content and format of the course. It has enhanced my skills, knowledge and understanding of the discipline of technical analysis enabling me to confidently stand on my own two feet as a share trader and investor. Thank you to Dale and the team at WW for all your great work and dedication.

Tony, D, Lancefield, VIC

I wanted to say thank you very much to Lea, Dale, Blake and the whole team upon having recently received both your award for outstanding achievement in Chart Analysis for 2011 and its accompanying letter. To receive my marks for the module was very satisfying and to learn of the extent of those marks is a thrill. Thank you for taking the time to inform me in such a manner, it is truly unexpected. The support I've received from staff has been exceptional and I feel all the more confident because of it. With your continued support I hope to continue my studies in the same vein over the coming modules. Once again, thank you very much for this acknowledgement.

Wayne, T, Brisbane, QLD

I was sick of losing money in the share market and realized I needed some quality education to achieve my financial goals. I read about Wealth Within’s share trading education courses in Your Trading Edge magazine. When push came to shove, I figured I could either do one of those expensive weekend trading seminars and get some software or, for the same amount of money, get a year’s worth of guided education with Wealth Within. Plus I like the idea of studying at home in my own time as I was working full time and had a newborn baby. This course has made me a more confident trader and much more positive about the prospect of actually making money. I can sleep better at night because the systems I learnt in the course are now in place and I am able to take the panic and emotion out of it. I was really impressed with the support services offered as part of the course. The coaches were really accessible, thorough and encouraging but most importantly they talked me through coming to the answers myself. I am from a construction background and by no stretch an academic, but I never felt out of my depth as the support was so good. All I can say to those who are contemplating enrolling in the course is to just do it. You don’t know what you don’t know until you learn it. The content is awesome and you just feel so much more in control of your trading afterwards. You will have the skills and knowledge to just rely on yourself when you are done.

David, M, Collaroy, NSW

This is to inform you that since enrolling in the Wealth Within Institute course I have been feeling fantastic. I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Before enrolling in the course I was a lost sheep. I thought I knew a lot and had enough knowledge to trade the market successfully. I was dead wrong. Not only did I lose my money I was also busted. I did make a lot of money every week trading options, but I lost it all back to the market. I was doing all the wrong things in this world. I was overtrading and holding large position sizes and I was too cocky and overconfident. I had no money management rules and I was in fact gambling. The final result was of course disappointing and a heartache. The market had taught me a lesson, a very expensive and bitter lesson indeed. Having enrolled in the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment (I have just only completed module 3) it has impacted on my life. I feel confident and very hopeful because I know in my heart I am heading along the right path. It has enhanced and empowered my trading knowledge and brought my trading skill to a higher level. I cannot thank WW Institute enough, particularly you Dale. I thank you for your willingness to share all the hard work that you have researched by putting this Diploma course together for those who are willing to sacrifice and achieve the necessary skill and knowledge to trade the financial market successfully, be it equity, commodity, CFD’s, options, FX, Bond, Interest, Indices and Futures. The Diploma of Share Trading and Investment is a systematic, efficient and sound proven and tested course designed to help ordinary folks like me who have a passion for trading. It has taken the guess work out and made trading more enjoyable and rewarding. I could trade anywhere in the world as long as I have internet access. I would certainly encourage anyone who is interested in the stock market to undertake this marvellous course before you put your hard-earned cash on the line. If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. Also please read Dale’s book on “How to beat the Managed Funds by 20%”. It is a fantastic book to add to your library. Thank you Dale and Wealth Within Institute. What an amazing Institute. “Wealth Within Institute helps ordinary people achieve extraordinary things in life”.

Jason, L, Sydney, NSW

Thanks for being my coach over the past six months of the course. It has been a very worthwhile learning experience. Before I started this course I had no idea what I did not really understand about trading and now I know why I have been unsuccessful in my previous trading efforts. I particularly appreciated the structure of the course which required me as a student to apply everything that I was taught and then be tested to ensure I was understanding it all. It is one thing to listen to the information, a whole other thing to then apply it successfully. Happily, I feel so much more confident to start putting my money into good high probability trades when the market presents the entries. Thanks again for travelling along side me for a little while. I wish you well and I am sure we will meet again in the future.

Erica, B, Draper, QLD

To the Wealth Within Team, let me say thank you. My accomplishment of my Diploma of Share Trading and Investment is only the beginning of my journey towards my financial success. The entire diploma as a whole was nothing more than pure excellence. This course does not only teach you to trade and analyse, it has been Life Changing and a Inspiration, to a point that I have treaded uncharted parts of my brain, which would have never been discovered without this training package. I look forward to mastering my new skill set than further my development in doing the Advanced Diploma, as this will increase my probability to profit in all market conditions, to which will lead me to my ultimate goal of being a successful trader and analyst, so one day I can teach and mentor people these proven techniques as the WW team has done for me. A special thanks to my mentor KAY !! Dale, Blake..... The whole Wealth Within Team. All of you have been very supportive, and I have the upmost respect for you all.

Paul, R, Perth W.A.

A million thanks to you and all the team there for a truly inspirational weekend. If trading is 20% what is taught in the modules and 80% psychology, then I reckon this weekend goes a long way to being 80% of the value of the whole course! Not just for the presentations on psychology, which were very good, but for everything – the people I met, what I learned, including what I learned about myself (some things I didn’t know about myself, some things I didn’t know that I knew!), and much more. Please pass on my sincere thanks to everyone on the team there.

Terry, O, Melbourne, VIC

Post GFC I listened as people complained about the amount of money lost from their super and managed fund accounts. Dale was out of the market quickly and I slept better knowing that his focus was on the preservation of my capital. Thanks so much for your support.

Derek, B, Melbourne, VIC

I really enjoyed studying the Diploma, it was challenging but it all came together nicely towards the end. The way the course was delivered was really good and the ability to study at your own pace was an advantage. I contacted educational support a couple of times and always received a prompt reply, the educational forum was also handy as a reference before contacting ed support. I like how during the course lots of losing trades were given as examples, this may sound strange but you didn't promise anything or create any unrealistic expectations of what to expect and I think this better prepares you for the market. Overall I'm really happy with what I have achieved and just want to say a big THANK YOU to Blake and all of the team at Wealth Within.

Mark. Thomas, Melbourne, VIC

The Diploma of Share Trading and Investment course is one of the most exciting and challenging courses that I have undertaken as it is practical and I am able to utilise the skills learnt all the time when trading. The course has been an interesting journey for me as I am an accountant by profession and this may give me an opportunity to change my career or create a better work life balance. My goal is to work part time one day or become a full time trader if all goes well with my plans. I would highly recommend this course to anybody who has an interest in the stock market and wants to learn more about it. This course is very well supported with individual coaches and students are always encouraged to utilise the Education Support which is always available. It has been an excellent course for me and completely satisfied with every aspect of it. The webinars are well organised and really provide extra tips for the various sections in each module. Thank You very much for such a great learning experience!

Jenny. L, Perth, W.A.

I’ve spent my career in senior roles making good money but delegating my finances to others to manage. I decided that I wanted to take control of these finances but wasn’t sure how I would manage my money and where I would invest it. I happened to buy Your Trading Edge magazine that contained an interview of a woman who seemed in quite control of her finances and was a making a living out of it. She mentioned the Wealth Within diploma course and how she started with that. I researched the course and I liked its curriculum and its professional approach so enrolled immediately. I was excited every day of that 5 month course as I began to understand that I was actually achieving professional knowledge of what to buy, when to buy, what to sell, when to sell and generally learn how to make a profit out of the market in a controlled disciplined way. What I learned was how to stack the odds in my favour using both fundamental and technical analysis and I love what I’m doing now.

Kelly. Jones, Sydney, NSW

I would like to give a big thank-you to the team at Wealth Within. I think you guys do a great job. A special thanks to Blake, my mentor whom replies to emails in a super fast fashion. I only wish my phone company gave me this customer service. Enjoyed the course material, webinars , online diploma and the educational forums and even Dale's jokes. The website is well designed and easy to navigate as well.

Sascha. D, Melbourne

After an intense 12 months, I really do have to write an email to say what an absolute awesome experience it has been learning from you all...not only did you provide an education but so much more! The whole experience has been life-changing. Not only have I begun building a skill set that I had been keen to learn for years (share market investing) but have also used the time to recognise some home truths about myself....what makes me tick? Many many thanks for all of your support over the past 12 has been nothing short of brilliant and you've probably heard it before but the email support and guidance I've received from Jennie, Kay and Blake really does make Wealth Within stand out as being a far better educational provider compared to others in the marketplace.

Kelli. C, Melbourne, VIC

First of all I would like to thank you for putting up with me for 3 years ( double time ). Although I don't live in a major city, access to study groups was out of the question as no one close by was doing the course. But having said that I never felt alone, as every problem I had (case studies, exams), during the course of the Diploma, I was able to get through thanks to your expert guidance and teaching methods by email or by phone conversation. I feel proud and know that I have learnt a skill for life, which with practice will make my lifestyle alot better. Looking back, I am glad I was strong enough to choose this course, as my brother wanted me to do a Kaplan course. I would recommend Wealth Within education to anyone I come across who is interested in learning about share trading. Thank you Wealth Within for getting me through the diploma.

Danny. D, Woolgoolga, NSW

I am really enjoying the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment and finding it a challenge. The professionalism of the administration of the course and depth of the subject matter has surprised me and it is on par with the CPA courses I have undertaken.

John. S, Melbourne, VIC

After suffering a spinal cord injury in 2004 and realising that my recovery would take time to 'fix' I decided to learn more about the stock market as I know it can be a good source of income provided I know what I'm doing. That's when I came across Wealth Within as it offers an online correspondence course, which was great because I could then divide my time between therapy and studies at a preferable pace. I must say that now I have graduated from the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment, I've realized how important it is to understand what you are doing and then being good at it. I've learnt so much and really appreciate the educational support team for their kind efforts in making sure I got it right when I got a little lost. It has been a wonderful journey so far and I'm already looking forward to completing the Advanced Diploma!

Ibrahim, K , Singapore

The education is exceptionally thorough and the support provided is fantastic. I would highly recommend this educational experience to anyone serious about making money in the share market.

Kerrie, T, Berwick, VIC

There is nowhere else where you can get a better education about share trading/fantastic.

Han, L, Melbourne, VIC

Doing the Diploma of Share Trading is above and beyond what I expected to learn. It has given me confidence from within in many areas. The team is great and the backup support is fantastic.

Janne, K, Warrnambool, VIC

I strongly believe Wealth Within Institute provides the bedrock needed to become a successful trader and investor. They are definitely not marketeers but caring & honest educators.

Ari, K, Melbourne, VIC

The diploma course and the support around it is obviously head and shoulders above all other trading education courses and it was my very good luck to decide to go with Wealth Within.

Stuart, S, Elizabeth Bay, NSW

Trading is a journey and Wealth Within will provide the best support all the way no matter what level of trader you are.

Mark, C, South Penrith, NSW

After completing the Diploma 12 months ago and now having attended two workshops, I can truly appreciate the knowledge I have gained & the confidence I now have in my trading. I know I have access to a very supportive team at Wealth Within if I require it.

Sue, B, Rose Bay, TAS

Wealth Within gives normal, average people with no prior experience, like me, the knowledge and confidence to start trading on the stock market. My coach Blake is always helpful and never gets (or shows) impatience or frustration with me. Thank you for all the support.

Janice, G, Bribie Island, QLD

When looking for share trading education, I was skeptical about most courses offered, but chose Wealth Within because of the structured nature of the course. Having (nearly) completed Module 3 and just attended my first ‘Art of Trading’ workshop, I can truly say that I am more than satisfied with the quality and sincerity of the support, I have received. I have grown in confidence and am looking forward to completing the Diploma.

Ray, O, Lakelands, NSW

The way the course is structured is great as it allow you to learn step by step at your own pace with total support backing you. Best I’ve seen.

Rod, W, Melbourne, VIC

When I started the Diploma, I hadn't studied for a long time and was a bit apprehensive as I knew little or nothing about shares, only that we had them in our Super Fund. Everything in the course was easy to follow and I cannot fault it in any way. I have learnt so much and absolutely loved every minute of it. I especially found the webinars very helpful. All in all I am really happy with the course and there is not a lot I could fault. Thank you very much for everything.

Ellen, K, Brisbane, QLD

More of my clients have become interested in a portfolio of direct shares rather than relying upon a managed fund that they have no input with or understanding why a particular share may form part of their portfolio. It is this reason that I started to look for a way to educate myself on the share market so that I could construct my own model portfolios. I didn’t want to buy a share trading program or a system that relied heavily on indicators that would be difficult to explain to clients never mind detail in a Statement of Advice (SOA) which may further be complicated by our compliance issues. The Diploma of Share Trading and Investment has 5 modules that build upon each other to give you a good grounding and the confidence to construct a portfolio for a client. The more that I implement what has been taught in the Diploma the more I start to understand the value of the information contained within the course. Well done and thanks for all your support.

Mark, H, Financial Planner, Perth, W.A.

I would like to thank you all (Jenny,Kay,Blake) for providing such great support. I have enjoyed every bit of my journey acquiring this knowledge and completing this diploma at last, after 2 and half years. The course was like leading a baby on his first steps, simple, straight and honest. Thanks once again and a special thanks to Dale who was kind enough to think of us the lay people and tailored such a marvellous course of study.

Gayathri, D, New Zealand

Dear Team, I’ve just finished the exam for the final module of the Diploma course. Right now, I feel jubilant, relieved and very satisfied. For me, it has been a huge achievement especially given the serious accident, rehabilitation and other health issues over recent months. I want to take this opportunity to thank the entire team for their assistance during the course and your generous consideration given my circumstances. In particular, many thanks to both Blake and Andrea. I do hope an opportunity arises in the next few months to fly to Melbourne and visit you and offer a personal face-to-face thanks (and to say g’day). Thanks again

Jackie. M, Sydney, NSW

I received my diploma certificate yesterday in the mail, what a revelation, that's certainly confirmation this part of my journey is concluded and the next begins. It also confirms that I passed, wow another revelation. Let me thank you sincerely for your patient guidance and professionalism. It is very clear your underlying ethos is absolute care and concern for the best end result and I very much appreciate that objective. Now its up to me (with Trading Essentials help) to take it to the next level. The Advanced Diploma has got me more than a little interested, but for now I do see the need to build up experience and confidence on what I have leant, and make good some of the forfeited time with my wonderful and very very patient wife. Thank you once again.

Phil, B, North Manly, NSW

I would recommend the diploma of share trading and investment through Wealth Within to anyone wanting to learn to invest in the stock market. I do not consider myself to be academic (only just completed year 10 ), but this course is easy to understand, considering I had absolutely no knowledge about the stock market. The support team at Wealth Within assisted me, answering all my questions promptly, and their support was second to none. After researching numerous companies offering courses in share trading, I am without a doubt completely satisfied that I choose Wealth Within and once again would recommend their services to anyone wanting to learn to invest in the stock market.

Matt, C, Caloundra, QLD

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Dale and the Wealth Within team on their sound philosophies/strategies in trading the share market. Some 2 1/2 years ago I was appointed trustee to my late mother-in-law's investments. I was given financial advice to spread the investments among 9 investment managers and a portfolio with Wealth Within. As we all know no one could have foreseen the world monetary market going the way it has, however the Wealth Within portfolio due to the strategies employed, has suffered the least with a modest 10% reduction, (currently 8%), compared to the other managed funds ranging from 20-70% reductions. I am certainly appreciative for my mother-in-law's “Family Trust” as well as my own Direct Equity account, (currently suffering a modest 5-6% loss) that these were cashed up for some time rather than take risks unnecessarily. It is not the 15% stop loss that we should worry about but the protection of the other 85% capital.

Peter, J., TAS

I just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with the performance of our portfolio with Wealth Within. I remember reading your book, watching your DVDs and then speaking to you in March 2008. With a deep breath we took the huge leap to set up a Self Managed Super Fund with your company. By taking that step we conservatively saved over $150,000 that was not lost in our industry super funds during the worst of GFC. Today we read with pleasure that over the same time many of our friend have lost 30% or more of their superannuation our has increased by 13.65%. That is just marvelous. Thank you to you and your team.

Kathleen, F., Sydney

By the way I would like to give glowing feedback on Module 1 of the Diploma of Share Trading. I have invested in the stock market for many years and thought the first module would be of limited value. I was wrong. The learning's are of immense value and just module 1 alone convinces me that the course fees are worth it. I look forward to working through subsequent modules.

Paul, P., Sydney

I have been to many seminars and courses with the view of gaining trading knowledge and becoming a more proficient trader, however, I have never encountered such a comprehensive, well written, and easy to understand course as done by Wealth Within's "Diploma of Share Trading & Investment". Dale and his colleagues are fantastic teachers and coupled with their vast knowledge accumulated over their professional years make this course immensely enjoyable and enthralling. I would literally wake up of a morning excited to learn more. The Diploma course from Wealth Within is really the first practical training course I've seen that takes you step-by-step through methods of trading and learning to trade the markets. All the tools and knowledge you need to be able to trade with comfort and courage are right there. And I can safely say that the benefits reaped from this course far outweigh the cost involved. Do yourself a favor and add the quality of these tried-and-tested trading methodologies to your arsenal, - it's worth every cent and more. I can't express more thanks to Dale, Janine, Dave & the rest of the WW team for doing such a fantastic job! I look forward to starting the 'Advanced Diploma' instalment as soon as possible.

Shawne., K, Financial Planner, Joondalup, W.A.

Whilst working on the trading course let me say that I am finding the learning so very much more beneficial than I could ever have anticipated. Module 1 has been extremely enlightening and opened my mind to the correct way to analyse companies whilst looking for investment potential. I thought at first that the cost of the course was expensive. How WRONG was I. Worth every cent. I cannot praise your ideas and the presentation of them highly enough. Well done.

Rob, W., Maryborough, QLD

I have now completed the first two modules of Wealth Within’s Diploma of Share Trading and Investment. Initially from the course outline I thought some of the material may have been too basic for my needs but I have been pleasantly surprised with the content, the way it has been backed up with Webinars and online forums is invaluable and reinforces my learning. As a financial planner I have been searching for a course for sometime to further my knowledge on investing in direct equities that will also compliment the strategies that I develop, and with more and more of my clients looking to invest directly into Australian shares rather than managed funds which we have traditionally used, Wealth Within’s Diploma of Share Trading and Investment is looking like the perfect fit. To obtain CPD points as well is an added bonus that also acknowledges industry support.

Mark, H., Financial Planner, Perth

I have read numerous books on aspects of trading/investing ranging from Guppy to Elder to Tharp. The most enjoyable was on the life of Jesse Livermore by Richard Smitten. I would, however, rank your Diploma much more highly than anything I have read or studied before. Congratulations.

Darrel, W., Bowral

Would you please pass on my sincere thanks to Dale and his team (particularly the guys in ed. support) for all their effort and support throughout the Diploma. I found the course to be well organized, comprehensive and yet easy to follow, and it all made sense. It has taught me many skills that I can use in my future trading activities, once the economic climate improves, that I didn’t get from the many books I have read over the years and from courses I have attended.

Peter, B, Brisbane

Looking back at my investing career in the stock market ( not very successful at that time ) I can say that without question the best thing I ever did for myself was to complete the education with Wealth Within a few years ago. Apart from making technical analysis simple and easier to understand by sticking to “rules”, Dale did something for me that no other trainer had done in the previous 10 years. Basically, Dale convinced me that I could make a living out of trading. I think Dales down to earth, simple no risk approach to stock market trading did it for me. It just clicked. Now 5 years later and with Dales training programs under my belt I trade full time for a living, after being retrenched from an executive position several months ago. Trading options during the horror period of late 2008 saw my SMSF grow by some 300%, by sticking to the rules. I am now so confident of trading as a lifestyle I also trade personally. Dale, thanks a million, thanks mate.

Kosta, K, Melbourne

I would like to pass on our sincere thanks and Season's Greetings to you, Dale, Lea and all of the Wealth Within team. We sincerely thank you all for saving us the heavy losses on the stock market that most of our friends have suffered. You are a great team. We love to see success and are very pleased to see that, despite the difficult times, Wealth Within is going so well. Thanks also to Dale for the Newsletters, we always read them with interest.

Hugh, H, Travelling Australia

Thanks to all of you at Wealth Within Institute for your support and assistance during the course for the past 2 years. Last but not least, my congratulations to the achievements of Wealth Within of late and also for putting education to the fore for traders who are serious about getting results. Keep up the great work.

Chia, T, Melbourne

Congratulations to all of you at Wealth Within on your listing in the 2008 BRW Fastest 100 growing companies in Australia. I must admit I was a little hesitant to commit to the diploma at first, however, in a short space of time I realised I was on to a good thing. Today, I think to myself, where would I be right now (in terms of total capital, confidence, & stress levels) if I hadn't commenced the diploma. Well Done

Clint, B, Sydney

I am not surprised by the news that Wealth Within has made the listing in the 2008 BRW Fastest 100 growing companies in Australia. It is well deserved. I am extremely happy with my course and the support I am getting. It is one of the best run courses I have encountered and have no hesitation in highly recommending it to anyone who wants to study Share Trading. Congratulations

Ellen, K, Brisbane

Having just completed the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment course with Wealth Within, I now realize how little I previously knew about share trading. The course provided me with the technical skills to enable me to thoroughly analyse particular stocks prior to entering a trade and equally providing the disciplines and skills to understand when you should exit a trade or let your profits run. Since completing the course I have continued with my trading, but now do so with more confidence that the decisions I am making are validated by sound reasoning & disciplines that I learned during the course. Thanx again to the Team at Wealth Within.

Leon, K., Melbourne

Hurray!!! … I’ve just finished the short course in Share Trading and I can’t tell you how much I’ve learnt. It has taught me so much and I now realise how little I knew before I started the course. (I had “dabbled” in the share market without much success). The course content was explicit and well-organised to make learning conducive and the educational support was fantastic!!, It has been a great learning experience (mind you, I haven’t done any course of this nature since I left school many, many moons ago……) and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thank you so much WEATHWITHIN AND YOUR TEAM!!!

Michelle, K., Sydney

Just thought I'd post my thoughts on the course so far - I must say I was sceptical at first because when I first got the course notes, it appeared that some of the information was quite simple. There seemed to be a lot of content that I already knew so I was wondering what I was paying for. However, after working through Module 1, I have now come to re-evaluate the course. There were so many things that I did not even notice before that has now become clear. The content is presented in a logical manner that doesn't confuse. I'm now going to take a break from trading in the real world and paper trade the way it's taught by WW, and see how I progress as I complete the course. I already feel that I have more knowledge on how to select stocks, but being at the beginning of the course there is going to be a lot more useful information to learn. Well done to date.

Wilson, T., Adelaide

Congratulations to Dale Gillham and the team at Wealth Within for providing such a comprehensive educational package when it comes to investing in the share market. For anyone wanting to trade the market or just manage their own share portfolio over the longer term, I can recommend Wealth Within’s Diploma and Advanced Diploma course in Share Trading. Having completed the course myself, I now feel confident in my approach to the share market – bull or bear, resource boom or sub-prime mortgage crisis! Thanks a lot Wealth Within

Paul, O, Adelaide

When I first started with Wealth Within in 2004 I remember Dale saying that his job was to impart his knowledge to us and make himself redundant. In my case, I'm sure I don't know as much as Dale, but I know enough and am comfortable in my own trading and analysis decisions that I feel I can strike out on my own. With the knowledge I have gained at Wealth Within, being able to confidently go both long and short,I have even made money in the last 6 months - a no mean feat!! I now consider myself a trader and the share market is even more of a passion for me than when I started in 2004. Thank you so much

Diana, V, Melbourne

Before I signed on to complete the Short Course in Share Trading I went to every free stock course I could find - in total about 10-20 educational companies trying to sell their stuff. Most of them had a stand at the investment expo in Melbourne. While there were other companies out there able to provide what appeared to be good content, I picked Wealth Within because I had the impression that it contained less puff and more practical content. (Ironically Wealth Within was not at the expo, I randomly stumbled across their website while waiting for a librarian. Glad she took her time.) My overall impression after having completed the course is that the content is excellent, the support is outstanding and the overall framework for delivering and presenting the information is neat and nice and makes sense. While I will continue my education journey, I am committed to make Wealth Within the base of my learning because they take the crap out of trading. Wading through digested tree-matter (also called books) with lots of irrelevant information you have to skim through them to get to the point, traveling from A to B and generally doing things the wrong way over and over again. I would encourage anyone wanting to learn how to trade the share market, to give serious consideration to the courses offered by Wealth Within.

Bjarne, V, Melbourne

I would highly recommend Wealth Within as a training organisation that can help you really learn the 'art of trading'. I have learnt so much in the time I have been associated with them, I am amazed.

Terry S, Geelong

Wow! Iv'e been taking tips and advice on shares for four years or more. The Wealth Within Diploma which I have just completed after 6 months provides the foundation for my future share investment. For the not so computer literate there is good 'online' support and tutorial assistance from very motivated and helpful staff. My biggest challenge moving forward is to restrict my investments to 10 shares and to do the essential back testing of my system. The tutors say if you follow your tested share trading system it becomes boring so that you need to plan how to spend your profits in order to be excited. Wow now that get's me really excited!

Jim B, Queensland

I am writing to you to express my sincere thanks for the strong investment performance of my share portfolio that I have with you. As you are aware I do not have the time to trade for myself and I rely on Wealth Within's expert and professional guidance to maximise my total profit return. I was extremely pleased to see that in approximately 5 months on my original investment of $133,000, that I had made over a $50,000 gross profit . What makes this performance even more impressive is that this was done with all of my stocks being reputable, strong and secure Australian companies. You have given me the confidence to invest further funds with your company as well as referring your company to my friend's, family and work colleagues. I look forward to conducting more business with you in the near future.*

Geoffrey G, Perth

To the Team (and I mean the team), many thanks for the extremely pleasing profits you have achieved managing our portfolio advisory service. We have been very impressed with the stock selection, timing of trades and general overall management and reporting of our portfolio. Keep up the good work.

Neil M, Melbourne

After researching several courses, Wealth Within's course appeared to be the only one that taught practical and proven techniques to successful trading without the get-rich-quick, high-risk approaches many others seemed to espouse. I'm now half-way through the course, and I'm confident that I will soon be trading profitably in a variety of market conditions. I'm also thoroughly enjoying the course and am impressed by the high quality of the education I'm receiving. I'm now up to Module 7 of the course and enjoying it immensely. Elliott Wave was rather tricky because of the subjective element, but I can see how it provides an excellent overview of where a stock might be in its market trajectory and how this can assist with timing and safety. I found Module 5 fascinating - especially accumulation and distribution. I've also been surveying the sharemarket for stocks and applying what I'm learning in terms of identifying trend changes, pattern breakouts and entry and exit points and have even managed to pick some good moves (still 'paper-trading' of course). Janine and David have also been incredibly helpful in assisting me to understand the concepts more clearly. The educational support from the Wealth Within staff has been exceptional and I feel they are as dedicated to helping me achieve my goals as I am. I highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to learn how to consistently make money in the sharemarket.

Antony, T, Melbourne

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and your warm and professional team for the excellent, grounded service you provide to us. We deeply appreciate it. My husband has sought to self educate for years on share trading, and we have a veritable library of books on the matter. Over the years I have also sought to understand the 'ducks guts' with a 100% success rate of being overwhelmed by the inadequacy of the information, and have just left it thinking that it was not my bag. However, when my husband bought your book 'How to Beat the Managed Funds by 20%' 2 years ago, it fell off the bedside table into my hands, I read it, devoured it, and it turned on all the switches in my head. As a consequence, we set up our own self managed super 20 months ago and with the Wealth Within recommendations it has grown by approximately 75%. Additionally we have been managing our separate 'freedom fund' which has moved by 200% using leverage in a similar time frame. With the Wealth Within education course, my partner has done most of it on behalf of our family, but in the last few months we decided that 2 heads are better than one! Since this has begun we have become more confident and really enjoy the back testing process. It is great fun! So.... again, I say thankyou to you and your people who are our partners in the knowledge of wealth.

Ruth F, Tasmania

Having completed the course with Wealth Within I do feel wealthy enough in the knowledge to continue my trading with confidence. Thank you WW for giving me the solid basics of trading, which I can build upon in my future trading journey. I have traded both paper & $$$$$$ with double digit profits. As they say - knowledge & practising gives empowerment- so- keep on keeping on with the excellent work.*

Chris C, Adelaide

I thought it about time that I dropped you a line about your advice from your Book and Seminars and my application (and non application) of your learning's to my trading. Initially I took your Portfolio Advisory Service and split my Superannuation between Wealth Within and an Independent Financial Advisor. Over the first 6 months of my first financial year, Wealth Within and my Advisor competed for first place and I ended up after 6 months of trading +15.4% a good result! I took to heart your wise words about determining when to sell a share before buying, but did not apply the other piece of advice; only sell when it is confirmed that the stock is in decline i.e. -15%. My Independent Financial Advisor recommended BOOM Logistics, which rose quite quickly to a handsome profit of 50+% - but when I looked at the weighting of this stock in my portfolio at the time (almost 28%) I became very nervous and sold down, leaving only 20k in BOOM. Today BOOM is up +88% from my initial investment, if I had applied your logic to this stock I would have made an additional $60,000. I did invest the proceeds of BOOM into other stocks which have also made money - but not at the consistent rate of BOOM. I think it's human nature to not always follow 100% the advice you are given, but in the case of Wealth Within you do need to follow in your well worn footsteps - I have certainly learnt my lesson, albeit I made a good profit on BOOM, I could have made more, if I had applied your logic. As you say if you are investing in a quality stock you don't have to worry too much. For various reasons I have switched to your Direct Equity service and I am pleased with the results so far - wow what about Worley +55% inn three months - well done.

Martin B, Qld

After reading Dale's Book and listening to his advice I am presently achieving 53% return on my investments in the Stock Exchange. I have make a profit of $123,000 in the past 12 months!*

Cliff W, Melbourne

I cannot speak highly enough of the whole package that is provided by Wealth Within. I have completed the first three modules of the course and my expectations have certainly been exceeded. The support provided by the team shows that they obviously care about the education and training that their members receive. You definitely feel that you are part of an exclusive and privileged club.

Fred S, Sydney

I have enjoyed working through the Course. Thanks so much for your fantastic support.

Jeff C, Brisbane

Before I started the course I believed I had an understanding of the share market, however I now realise I did not know as much as I thought. We don't know what we don't know. I can now honestly say the course has assisted me in building confidence to actually go out there and give it a go. I now want to apply the techniques and tools I have learnt and venture into other markets. Without the course I would not have been able to do this confidently. Thanks for everything.

Corey V, Perth

Since I have read your book, attended your few words in the Investment Expo and then a couple of days later your Seeds of Wealth Workshop, I have ventured into the stock market. Your valuable advise, and examples certainly gave me enough courage to put a substantial amount into various stocks. My amazement is just continuing on a day to day basis, and in less than 4 weeks I have achieved a return on my investment, which would have taken at least a year and a half at ING.

Joe K, Melbourne

Hi Dale, Thank you for a brilliant newsletter in April. As with many people my ambition is to trade full time. Your newsletter has given me a road map which I believe will enable me to retire when I turn 55 in 4 years time. The idea of building up a strong portfolio of quality stock and only trading when necessary appeals to me and is the most sensible advice I have ever seen given on this topic. Wealth Within has given me hope and I thank you for your continued support.

Des M, Melbourne

Dale, I read and re-read your book," How to beat the managed funds by 20%", and suggested it to my retired accountant who thought it so good, we purchased five more copies for our friends. Thank you.

Gus M, Melbourne

I really don't know where to start to thank Dale and his team for their fantastic support and assistance throughout the course. I had done a few other courses, but Dale has simplified the training in his course without leaving anything out in regards to the art to trading. My returns since May '04 to Feb '05 are sitting in the 32% range. I have been so impressed with the overall scope of the course that I have been recommending my family and friends to take hold of the steering wheel of their financial future and make a positive step forward.

Doug C, Sydney

I have recently been asked by a few people my opinion on share trading training providers. I have trialed a few over the past 12 months and I am most satisfied with Wealth Within. The price is excellent considering the training modules and backup provided, it leaves many others in the dust. Just because other training packages cost more doesn't mean you will get more, or even as much, which I have learnt the expensive way. My advice to anyone is, if you are serious about learning how to trade shares using technical analysis, Wealth Within is the way to go. They provide the information and the support while you are learning, the only limit is yourself and what you are willing to put in.

Kathy E, Roma QLD

Well a happy new year to you all. Hope everyone is in prime good health ready to help me some more this year. I have been trying something new since October the 21st, 2004 called MARGIN LENDING! Why did I wait so long? Since that date up to the 31st of January, 2005 I have locked in profits of $35,455.89 on a bank of $300,000. This equates to a return (after loan costs were deducted) of 11.82% equivalent to an annual rate of return of 48.57%. At this rate I will be able to pay off the stamp duty from the sale of my Aunt's house and still pay for a substantial holiday at the end of the financial year - perhaps without denting my capital. What is amazing is that my present rate of return is greater than we would have had, if we were both still teaching.*

Ross M, Melbourne

Completing your course is just fantastic. I had checked out a number of other stock training companies before deciding to choose Wealth Within based on the level of support and services you offer. I now know there is no better choice for depth of training, genuine guidance and confidence building. Of course, I am pleased with my results as I am currently achieving an annual return of 26% on my portfolio. Being the protege of a successful professional trader and a master, is the only way to go.*

Paul B, Melbourne

Dale I just wanted to say thanks for your quality service and support. Since 21 October, I have managed to finance the purchase of 5 shares recommended in your Blue Chip portfolio. I have expended a total of $25,624 (including brokerage) and, as of this evening, my portfolio has a market value of $27,748, a gain of $2,124 or 7.66% (due largely to an outstanding performance by Rinker Group shares up 22.9%). I am not getting carried away by this result, as I realize prices change daily and may well go into reverse. However, the result confirms Wealth Within's selection and assessment capabilities and gives me confidence to follow your recommendations in the future. Thank you.

Barry F, Sydney

I would just like to let you know how good your recommendations from your weekly 'Profit Pro' Stock Report are and especially how much I enjoy the Traders Workshops. I have been to three sessions now and I find the best aspect is the learning and the opportunity to meet other passionate traders.!! Thank you for providing such quality services.

Diana V, Melbourne

Thanks for a great year. It has been a huge turnaround year for me. Before I joined your Course in February of this year, my portfolio had just broken even for the 2 years prior. For this Financial year my portfolio has produced nearly 20%.....If we continue to trade like this, I believe we can probably get close to 30-40 % return. My goal for the portfolio was only 20% annualised....

Bill P, Brisbane

Dale, I must tell you that the benefits of Email Support are second to none. I can read and re-read and re-read your responses to my trading questions which I find terrific. Your responses (whether I am correct or wrong in my analysis) are very much appreciated and very helpful as it has really supported me in my journey to becoming a professional trader.

Peter P, Sydney

Thanks for the opportunity to work with the team at Wealth Within, your Course is awesome; it has definitely been one of my better decisions.

Andrew T, Annandale QLD

Thank you so much for your support. To see that there are people out there who get pleasure and satisfaction from helping other people achieve their financial goals helps restore my faith in the human race. So many people really don't care about the next person and it is wonderful to see a team of people like yourselves committed to helping other people. No matter how many questions I ask, or how silly I think they may sound Janine is always there to answer them. It gives me confidence to realise I have done the right thing in choosing to do the Course with your team. I look forward to a long and profitable association with you all. All the best

Narelle D, Tinana QLD

I've been getting your reports for four weeks now and I'm impressed, when you say a stock will move it definitely moves upward! I am confident this will equate to better performance in my portfolio.

Phillip C, Oatley NSW

Dale I would like to express my gratitude to Wealth Within for all your support and encouragement. You and your team have been absolutely magnificent and completing the course has been one of the best things I have ever done. I never really made money from shares prior to completing your course; in fact I had lost money. But what a difference it has been since commencing your course. I am currently running at about 15-20% return and this is probably conservative because the capital I am calculating this return on has changed and is steadily increasing as I move more money out of real estate and my business and into shares. You have really made a difference in my life. Thanks

Paul T, Melbourne

What an absolutely amazing job you have done in putting together your Profit Pro Weekly Stock Report. The information is so clear and detailed, showing both Technical and Fundamental Analysis. The report is so simplistic anyone not familiar with either technical or fundamental analysis could produce amazing results with their share trading just by subscribing to it. I could literally throw away the last 5 to 6 years of my share market education and rely on this report alone. Once again you have produced an outstanding product that is second to none. All so called "educators" should take a look at what you're doing to see what quality really means. You certainly lead by example. Well done!!!

Steve B, Melbourne

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I have been with your Course to date. I have found the educational modules to be well written and the support to be invaluable. I like the fact that I can work through the modules at my own pace, which has worked well for me this year considering some of the major changes that I have made in my life. Although being pushed for time I have been able to develop my knowledge in the areas that I have studied so far well enough to be able to confidently use these techniques even while I'm learning. The team are very friendly and for a company in the investing industry they have been very receptive to feedback and have always strived to improve the level of customer satisfaction and support for its members. I would highly recommend Wealth Within to anyone looking to get into the market or anyone already in the market wanting to increase their profits and develop a sound knowledge in trading the share market. I look forward to bigger and better returns in the future.

Ben C, Melbourne

Dale I would like to thank you and the team. I have to say that if you want to be profitable trading shares using technical analysis then the services offered through your course are definitely the way to do it. In fact based on my past experiences, I will say it is the only way to intelligently invest in the stock market. Please pass on my appreciation to everyone.

Warwick A, Melbourne

Hi Dale and Lea I just wanted to let you know that I have had the most amazing week. I finally started trading with the Line of Credit against our house and I feel very relaxed - no sleepless nights. Dale thanks so much for all your encouragement and your logical and sensible comments when we talked. It was hard to take the first trade but it just got easier. I'd been closely watching about 15 stocks for my buy signal and 6 of them got there this week. In one week I have more than doubled my trading profits for the whole financial year. One of the stocks went up 8% and another 6.5%. Out of the 6 only one is down but it's only -0.45%, which is right on target for my trading win/loss ratios so I am quite comfortable. All that trading on paper and in small amounts feels like it is paying off now - thanks so much for all your help - this week I feel like I am a 'real' share trader.

Deborah R, Sydney

Dale I would like to acknowledge you for teaching me everything I now know about profitably trading the share market. Just 4 months ago I didn't know a bull market from a bear market. But since commencing your course I have begun to take baby steps everyday towards independently analysing stocks and slowly trusting my conclusions. Through studying stocks and shares, I have built up a great deal of self-confidence, which was somewhat murky before. After having been a homemaker for the last five years, I had forgotten who I was or what I was capable of being. Now this new found confidence has enabled me to make some big changes in my life. For one thing, to be actively trading and taking charge of my finances is a really positive feat in comparison to my last five years. Thank you.

Giselle B, Sydney

I really wish I had this material when I was getting started in the share market as it would have saved me a lot of money and taught me great trading habits right from the beginning. Your email support makes the task of trading far easier and less stressful. I highly recommend the Course as the structured modules and ongoing support provide a clear pathway to understanding the share market.

Alan O, Shepperton

Your course has taught me how to finally trade in a way that I can enter and exit the market with complete confidence knowing there is a high probability that I am going to make money. Through the educational modules I have been able to develop a good trading plan that I never had before. You have also backed up your course with a great support system. Keep up the great work. The industry needs more people like you!

Fiona T, Sydney

Dale I would like to thank you for your great contribution to my successful share trading. Your ongoing support and encouragement has made a world of difference to my success on the market. In just 4 months I have turned $2,000 into $10,000 safely and confidently just like you said. I am truly grateful.*

Eric W, Melbourne

I just wanted to take a moment to give praise where praise is due. Please give yourselves a pat on the back. I just checked my portfolio of eight stocks bought solely on your weekly report recommendations and they are 19.7% in profit with the first of them bought just 5 months ago! Annualised that's 47.28%. When I think what the banks offer as a return on investments, I just want to hug you.

Ian M, Melbourne

I just wanted to let you know that I have attended many trading workshops and yours is the best on the market. After completing the first two modules of the course and following the recommendations in your weekly report, I have already recouped my fees. I have never been able to do this before. Thank you. If only everyone else offered the support you do!

John G, Gold Coast

Hi Dale I just wanted to say well done on last nights session. Easily THE BEST I've been to so far. It was a good first session for Ben as well. There was a lot of information and a wide range of topics covered, so understandably he was a bit in awe of the sheer volume of information on offer, but it certainly gave him an excellent first impression. I especially liked your insight into how the big players move the market and the effects it can have on price activity and the patterns it forms. Keep up the great work and thank you for your support.

Cameron P, Melbourne

I achieved almost double my medium-term portfolio return in the last 6 months in just one trade with NCP. Thank you so much for all your support. I don't think my skills and confidence would be at the level they are without your help. You have been a great mentor.

Deborah R, Sydney

I have been trading for many years, but I want to say since commencing your course my portfolio is consistently in profit and making some big gains. You definitely have a standard for helping people that is hard to emulate, let alone better.

John S, Melbourne

Thanks for your all support Dale. Your emphasis on the practical application of trading is just awesome. And your educational modules are brilliant. Easy to read and understand and I must say they fill in the missing pieces that many other courses just don't give you. Your commitment towards those that purchase your material to ensure they understand and can apply the techniques is what sets you apart in the industry.

Peter F, Sydney

One needs to be careful who one talks to about stocks, but when you find someone worth talking to, two heads are better than one. Thanks for your insight, advice and support.

Ian J, Sydney

Thanks for the weekly stock reports, they have been extremely helpful with my trading. Since the start of this year all of my trades have been successful. I purchased HVN last Thursday (10/7/03) and I will be selling tomorrow with a tidy profit. I have learnt the hard way that you don't have to be greedy and to leave something for the next person. Thanks again

John M, Sydney

I just wanted to let you know that I have attended many other Share Trading Workshops and I have to say yours is the best on the market. It has taken me 20 years to learn what you shared last night and is fantastic to see a confident young man willing to share this information to ensure others are also consistently profitable in the share market. My hat goes off to you.

Thomas C, Brisbane

I find your services friendly, encouraging, challenging and very competent. Your focus on helping us to trade in the 'real world' is what sets you apart from others. Your services represent great value for money and offer practical assistance towards becoming a profitable trader. Thank you

David H, Melbourne

I wanted to let you know that I think your monthly Trading Insights Newsletter is outstanding. The stock portfolio analysis is just fantastic. I love comparing my watch list against the portfolio analysis to see where we differ. Your services are a great way to intelligently invest in the stockmarket. You have the strength of conviction in your recommendations and you are courageous enough to admit that the recommendations won't always go according to plan.

Stephen W, Melbourne

Your Weekly Stock Report is brilliant. Last week I felt like bailing out altogether but with Dale's skills I can sleep at night. My stocks are now climbing not sinking and my confidence has been restored. Thank you Dale.

Jacqui B, Melbourne

Just a brief note to say THANK YOU for your teaching, guidance and support -particularly last week with my spec stock UNI. Through all the knowledge I have gained from you and your support, after 8 days I exited and made 45% profit.

Susan W, Sydney

Thanks for a great workshop on Saturday. I found the whole session was extremely relaxed and well presented. I also liked the fact that topics discussed related directly to everyday trading. I look forward to the next Traders Support Workshop.

Paul P, Sydney

Thank you Wealth Within. Your seminars, workshops and Newsletter fill a gap in the market and provide some much needed support for novice and experienced traders alike. I really like the informal nature of the seminars where the audience is able to ask as many questions as we like. I find an interactive environment is much more conducive to learning then a straight presentation. Apart from the great informational content of the seminars (and let's face it - there's always something new to learn), it's also good to catch up with the other traders in a relaxed and friendly environment. Keep up the good work.

Simon C, Canberra

To anyone who desires support and the development of technical knowledge in trading/investing in the stock market, I highly recommend Wealth Within as an organisation that will provide the necessary support and expertise to ensure you profit from the market.

David B, Canberra

Thank you for your support and guidance. I bought 10000 LHG shares @$1.39 and sold @ $1.47 ten days later using a margin loan at 50%. That is 11.51% profit. I think I am starting to get a feel for what we all want to achieve.*

Geoff S, Sydney

*Disclaimer: The results of investing in the share market will vary depending on the instrument traded. None of the content published above constitutes a recommendation that any particular security, portfolio of securities, transaction, investment strategy or market is suitable for any specific person. Before making any investment decisions, Wealth Within recommends individuals obtain independent advice from their financial advisor in relation to their own specific circumstances.

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