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Trading Mentor Course

Online course teaches you the fundamentals for consistent and profitable trading...

The Trading Mentor Course is our starter program for those new to share trading and investing, offering a behind the scenes look at Wealth Within and our education.

Dale Gillham is your host during the course, holding you by the hand and taking you through 10 information packed lessons, each detailing a separate skill or strategy that when combined as a whole provides you with a solid base of knowledge to begin trading or investing successfully on your own

Also included throughout the Trading Mentor Course are hands-on activities for you to complete. These activities are designed to cement the skills taught throughout the course. You can even complete each activity by following along with Dale as he takes you through the crucial aspects of each lesson.

Better yet, as you progress through each lesson the Wealth Within team are on hand to support you with any questions or queries you may have. If you have a question about any concept taught or about an activity, simply send the team an email and you'll have a reply within 48 hours.

The Trading Mentor Course is perfect for those looking to dip their toe in the water of financial markets. At the end of the course you will have a usable, documented trading plan to start profiting from the share market.

Here's what you will receive

As a Trading Mentor member you receive:

  • Education packed, 10 lessons. Grab a pen and paper and take notes as Wealth Within's Chief Analyst, Dale Gillham guides you through the foundations of becoming a successful trader and investor. Lessons are served in an easy to understand, jargon-free fashion and also serve as a 'behind-the-scenes' sneak peek of Wealth Within's accredited education programs.
  • Information overload no more. Trading Mentor lessons are drip-fed over 30 days. Every three days you receive email notification of when your next lesson is ready. This means you have plenty of time to take in all the information and complete the practical work.
  • Practical, hands on learning. Becoming a great trader means honing your skills and the best way to do this is practice regularly. Given this we've created practical, hands-on 'mini-assignments' for you to complete following each Trading Mentor lesson. Don't worry, the assignments won't be marked but they do provide the perfect opportunity to cement what you are learning.
  • Have a mentor look over your shoulder. Got a question? Need more information on a presented subject? Read the homework answers and still not sure? A Trading Mentor coach is on hand to answer all your questions. You have two choices in contacting the support team. Either type your question directly on each lesson page or email us directly. We usually reply to Trading Mentor students within 48 hours.
  • Trading Mentor keeps you disciplined - let's face it, we all lead busy lives. Work, family, social commitments and the list goes on. We send you an email every three days letting you know when the next lesson is ready for you. The process is simple. Open the email when it arrives, click on the link and complete the lesson. Each video is on average 20 minutes long, so even the busiest of people can easily consume the valuable information provided. Further, each email notification serves as its own 'mini-lesson' with additional steps on becoming a profitable trader.
  • Develop the mindset of a trader - many don't understand profitable trading and investing is mindset focused rather than skill focused. You can possess a huge amount of trading techniques yet if your psychology is poor you don't stand a chance of profiting over the long term. As you progress through Trading Mentor you'll begin to notice your mindset shifting from 'newbie' to the beginnings of a profitable trader.
  • Develop a workable trading plan. Remember - one of the key reasons most traders fail is not having a documented trading plan. The Trading Mentor program has a whole lesson dedicated to developing your very own trading plan. This plan will ensure you tick all the right boxes before investing a single dollar in the markets.
  • Learn trading techniques and strategies that actually work - 4 lessons in Trading Mentor are dedicated to a specific trading technique that work just as effectively now in the markets as they did decades and sometimes centuries ago. For example one lesson covers a trading strategy invented by the founder of the Wall Street Journal.
  • Exposing where trader's go wrong - A big mistake a lot of traders make (and another reason many fail) is taking on too much risk. Trading too big and using far too much leverage are just two ways risk can affect a trader's bottom line and confidence. During Trading Mentor we delve deeply into the subjects of risk and money management so that you only ever trade with maximum upside and minimum downside risk potential.

Your investment for the Trading Mentor Course and 12 month membership service is $997.

To join the Trading Mentor Course click the button below to be directed to the dedicated Trading Mentor website.

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I am really enjoying the Diploma of Share Trading and Investment and finding it a challenge. The professionalism of the administration of the course and depth of the subject matter has surprised me and it is on par with the CPA courses I have undertaken.

John. S, Melbourne, VIC

I have read numerous books on aspects of trading/investing ranging from Guppy to Elder to Tharp. The most enjoyable was on the life of Jesse Livermore by Richard Smitten. I would, however, rank your Diploma much more highly than anything I have read or studied before. Congratulations.

Darrel, W., Bowral

The education is exceptionally thorough and the support provided is fantastic. I would highly recommend this educational experience to anyone serious about making money in the share market.

Kerrie, T, Berwick, VIC

Ari, K, Melbourne, VIC

Trading is a journey and Wealth Within will provide the best support all the way no matter what level of trader you are.

Mark, C, South Penrith, NSW

Rod, W, Melbourne, VIC

Thanks to all of you at Wealth Within Institute for your support and assistance during the course for the past 2 years. Last but not least, my congratulations to the achievements of Wealth Within of late and also for putting education to the fore for traders who are serious about getting results. Keep up the great work.

Chia, T, Melbourne

Wealth Within gives normal, average people with no prior experience, like me, the knowledge and confidence to start trading on the stock market. My coach Blake is always helpful and never gets (or shows) impatience or frustration with me. Thank you for all the support.

Janice, G, Bribie Island, QLD

Doing the Diploma of Share Trading is above and beyond what I expected to learn. It has given me confidence from within in many areas. The team is great and the backup support is fantastic.

Janne, K, Warrnambool, VIC

After completing the Diploma 12 months ago and now having attended two workshops, I can truly appreciate the knowledge I have gained & the confidence I now have in my trading. I know I have access to a very supportive team at Wealth Within if I require it.

Sue, B, Rose Bay, TAS

There is nowhere else where you can get a better education about share trading/fantastic.

Han, L, Melbourne, VIC

The diploma course and the support around it is obviously head and shoulders above all other trading education courses and it was my very good luck to decide to go with Wealth Within.

Stuart, S, Elizabeth Bay, NSW

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